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Goats abandon US mission (or are eaten) at cost of millions

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You might recall a reportfrom last September regarding thefirst batch of rebel soldiers to graduate from a U.S.-led training program in Turkey. President Obama’s ISIS strategy long included the condition that he would not put American boots on the ground in Syria, so instead, the United States reportedly trained 9 rebels at a cost of […]


A Definitive Ranking Of “Twenty-Four Italian Songs And Arias”

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Tu lo sigh. 24. “Alma del core” by Antonio Caldara Video available at: What it means, basically: I like you. I really like you. KISS ME. From La constanza in amor vince l’inganno, this aria’s tepid melody manages to make the joyous emotions of love sound dreary and mundane. Caldara just confirms that […]


Soccer Player Runs Into The Stands To Hug His Grandma After Scoring A Goal.

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Some people forget about the important things in life when they become famous. But for Roma striker Alessandro Florenzi? He knows exactly who is important in life. He celebrated after scoring a goal by jumping a barrier and rushing into the stands to embrace his grandmother, who was crying tears of joy. It was nana’s first time […]


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