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4 Absolutely Insane Things That The Roman Emperor Nero Did For Fun

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The Roman Empire was around for a long time, and in those hundreds of years it was difficult to stand out as an emperor. You either needed to build something massive or be unspeakably cruel. Emperor Nero falls into the latter category. Even though he only ruled for 13 years, he left a bad taste […]


This Is What Happens When You Let An Old Bottle Of Vermouth Sit For 80 Years

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When you forget about an old bottle of something way up in the cupboard, the results are usually less than pleasant. But if you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes come across something that’s creepily beautiful in its fermentation. Redditor mvv_10 found this old bottle of vermouth (an Italian liquor) hidden away in the cupboard of his grandparents’ […]


When She Sees What The Humans Are Doing, This Pup Decides To Join The Fun!

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Ask any dog and it’ll tell you humans have a hard time appreciating the fun things in life. We eat the most delicious food and yet we insist on using weird tools instead of just digging in. We drive cars but never want to stick our heads out the window. And the real kicker? We […]


This Beautiful Little Island Looks Like Paradise… Til You Learn What Happened There.

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This beautiful little island in Naples, Italy might seem like the perfect little place to retire to, enjoying the relaxed Mediterranean life and nice weather in your later years. Well, that’s if you don’t talk to the locals first, since they believe Gaiola Island has a horrible curse on it, causing its owners to either […]


16 Times When The Reality Of Travel Fell Painfully Short Of Expectations

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If you’ve ever battled your way through a sea of selfie sticks, you know that the reality of visiting dream destinations isn’t always so sweet. You just can’t underestimate the power of a great camera and a clever crop. While traveling is absolutely always a privilege, you have to admit that watching throngs of people […]


A Brilliant Man Came Across A Decaying Cave. What He Build Inside Is Absolutely Awesome.

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Tucked away in an old cave in the village of Matera, Italy, is an impressive cave system. The old caves were once used by local farmers, but are now the home of a rustic-yet-contemporary hotel named the Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita. The design and views it offers seem to be straight out of a Medieval story. This […]


When The Ground Looks Like It’s Breathing, It’s Time To Start Running

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There are few things in this life more terrifying than earthquakes. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to experience one firsthand. But even if you never endure the horror of an actual earthquake, there are plenty more tectonic phenomena out there that seem to be designed with terror in mind. Take this video, for example. […]


A Dedicated Team In Austria Has Brought A Previously-Extinct Bird Back To Life.

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After 400 years of extinction, Northern Bald Ibises are flying high again. A dedicated group of individuals at Waldrapp Team successfully helped foster a small population of the birds back into the skies. Over the last ten years, Johannes Fritz and his team in Austria have been caring for groups of ibise hatchlings as their human “parents.” The […]


Soccer Player Runs Into The Stands To Hug His Grandma After Scoring A Goal.

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Some people forget about the important things in life when they become famous. But for Roma striker Alessandro Florenzi? He knows exactly who is important in life. He celebrated after scoring a goal by jumping a barrier and rushing into the stands to embrace his grandmother, who was crying tears of joy. It was nana’s first time […]


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