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Cops Knew He Was Hiding Stolen Goods In His Home, But They Weren’t Ready For This

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Calgary police recently executed eight search warrants for places around the city that they believed were filled with stolen goods — and all of the properties belonged to the same person. Officers weren’t sure what they’d find, but they knew that they’d probably encounter something bizarre. When they finally busted in, they were floored by […]


You’ll Wish You Lived in These Luxurious Institutions. Even if They’re Prisons.

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Being incarcerated is a very serious thing. What many people don’t realize, though, is that sometimes being in jail can be…enjoyable. In other countries, the jails and prisons make an inordinate amount of money from donors. They end up spending their money on things that are downright bizarre.  Let’s just say doing “hard time” seems pretty soft in […]


Pictures Of This Famous Pennsylvania Prison Are Haunting In A Beautiful Way

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Eastern State Penitentiary is a massive structure that looms over the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. The nearly 200-year-old prison once held the likes of Al Capone and infamous bank robber Willie Sutton. Now considered a National Historic Landmark, the corroding building is open to the public for tours. Redditor batoutofbasement and her friend went on […]


Did hell freeze over? James Woods: ‘For once I agree with Hillary Clinton’

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President Hillary Clintontalks a big game when it comes to holding powerful people accountable.Here’s a great example: Well, Hillary, for what it’s worth, outspoken conservative actor James Woods agrees with you: Amen to that! But will she ever see the inside of a jail cell? Read more:


If You’re Looking For Something Terrifying To Do, Why Not Explore An Abandoned Jail?

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While we don’t encourage people to explore run-down buildings, when they do — and subsequently share their photos — we can’t help but be in awe of what these daring adventurers find… To get to an abandoned prison in Burwash, Ontario, Redditor trishm and her friends needed to sneak past an army base in the […]


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