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James Foley’s family say they faced prosecution for paying ransom

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Happy with Obama: Bowe Bergdahl’s parents Unhappy with Obama: James Foley’s parents Ask yourself why — Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 12, 2014 ABC News, The Daily Mail and other media outlets are reporting today that the U.S government threatened to prosecute the family of James Foley for funding terrorism if the family paid Foley’s captors ransom […]


Media swarms; Foley’s family asks for privacy; Obama silent for now

, , , , ,!/ScottLofquist/status/501888226689572864 When grief becomes a news story you can always expect some people to insert themselves where they don’t belong.!/Harleygirl279/status/501868354370809856!/Newsgirly/status/501868401816387584 Some do unexplainably cruel things.!/bethanyshondark/status/501892902709366784 And often the ones who should be heard stay silent.!/joshledermanAP/status/501892544318676992!/amandacarpenter/status/501893330125737984 Meanwhile, a tweeter identifying herself as a member of Jim Foley’s family is asking for […]


“Normal people would say ‘enraged’”‘: PBS ‘sorry’ about Foley’s death

, ,!/HorribleSanity/status/501863177848881152 Reading PBS News Hour’s tweet about it, you would think James Foley died peacefully in his sleep at a ripe old age. “Sorry” just doesn’t seem like something you say about a guy getting beheaded on video by fanatical Islamists.!/iowahawkblog/status/501859454225092608!/PhillipCMcGuire/status/501859867280556032!/iowahawkblog/status/501860082317918208!/Cuchulain09/status/501860847929790464!/hale_razor/status/501860573617737728!/suhrmesa/status/501861433345179648!/10uhseejed/status/501868386591449088!/GermanShepher10/status/501869118962683904 Read more:


‘Humanity is proud of James’: Syrians honor murdered journalist [photo]

, , ,!/josephwillits/status/502074363806752769 From The Independent: Residents of the small town of Kafranbel in the province of Idlib, who are well known for their banners and political cartoons, praised the reporter who had lost his life documenting their country’s bloody revolution. Here is how they honored the memory of journalist James Foley, brutally slain by ISIS:!/kafrev/status/502080870942248960 […]


Was James Foley’s murderer released from Guantanamo Bay?

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WaPo: 'British examining [Foley] video…to compare it with former Guantanamo Bay prisoners…believed to have joined the Islamic State.' — Byron York (@ByronYork) August 20, 2014 Islamic State claims it beheaded American photojournalist James Foley — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 19, 2014 From The Washington Post article: A European intelligence official said the British government […]


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