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Police abandon posts around Kiev; Protesters now in full control? [photos]

, , , , , ,!/RichardEngel/status/437173537229774848 In the wake of a deal to end violence in Ukraine, demonstrators have taken control in much of Kiev, according to numerous eyewitness reports. Via AP:!/RichardEngel/status/437179312631218176!/jamesmatesitv/status/437153611509153792!/jamesmatesitv/status/437168777911107584!/jamesmatesitv/status/437176923748585472!/bishopk/status/437165674486833153!/JamieNBCNews/status/437180947604054017!/MillerMENA/status/437177141122191360 Related: ‘They are fallin’: Monuments to Vladimir Lenin do forced faceplants in Ukraine  ‘Little too late, guys’: WH finally ‘outraged’ over […]


Unidentified gunmen take control of airport in Crimea’s capital [photos]

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An soldier patrolling #Crimea Simferopol Airport. I asked his if he's Russian or Ukrainian. No answer #Ukraine — James Mates (@jamesmatesitv) February 28, 2014 Tensions are escalating in Ukraine after armed men who may or may not be Russian took control of Simferopol International Airport in Crimea: Unidentified men in unmarked uniforms patrol Crimean airport […]


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