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Obama admin’s toughest sanctions against Putin yet: Hashtag games

, , , , , , , ,!/SaintRPh/status/449014547555180544 This is what U.S. foreign policy has been reduced to: Government flacks engaging in hashtag diplomacy:!/statedeptspox/status/448944053741031424 Yes, that’s State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki lamely giving the thumbs up to Ukraine.!/macon44/status/448885692811071488!/JohnKerry/status/448896522319458304!/AmbassadorPower/status/448975553127649280 At least Samantha Power couldn’t bring herself to tweet a photo with the hashtag impotently written on a card. We have a feeling Russian President Vladimir Putin […]


‘Is this real?’: Jen Psaki tweets about ‘fashionable’ former colleague

, , , , , ,!/NathanWurtzel/status/489945194222346241 A slow news day to be sure, so why not tweet this from the official State Department account?!/statedeptspox/status/489944158203703296 With a Malaysian airliner shot down and Israel launching a land, sea and air incursion into Gaza, the timing would seem poor, if it weren’t such a great piece in the Washington Post. In it, […]


Not an ‘act of war’? Jen Psaki doesn’t want to ‘put any labels’ on beheading

,!/dcseth/status/506861526473773056 Following reports that American journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded by ISIS, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki held a press conference … and promptly confirmed that the Obama administration is made up of spineless clowns:!/scobag/status/506862736543055872!/Andrew_Labib/status/506863041372499968!/Spartanfan09/status/506865930694320128 Apparently we’re supposed to be impressed by the “actions” this administration is taking:!/_wintergirl93/status/506861276341870593 "Our actions speak to our […]


Is this how the State Dept. will respond to ISIS barbarians? [Photoshop]

, — Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) August 20, 2014 Hey, ISIS is a reasonable bunch. Maybe they’ll “live by the promise of hashtag.” Right, Jen Psaki? *** Related: ‘Evil straight from the pits of hell’: American journalist James Foley reportedly beheaded by ISIS Report: ISIS is threatening to execute journalist Steven Sotloff next Was James Foley’s murderer released from […]


‘Brutal’: Megyn Kelly ‘shreds’ Jen Psaki on Iraq SOFA [video]

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Megyn Kelly v Jen Psaki: an adult lecturing a petulant child. When will the adults be in charge again? — Chris Ewing (@EwingNielsC) October 3, 2014 Things didn’t go Jen Psaki’s way tonight. She was a guest on The Kelly File to defend the administration’s failed policies in Iraq. She found herself not only arguing […]


Jen Psaki says Russians not following up their hashtag with actions

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"They have not been following up their hash tag with actions." – Jen Psaki on Russian militarism… I'm turning red with embarrassment. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) April 25, 2014 That, allegedly, is how State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki explained her universally ridiculed tweet Thursday night, in which she hoped Kiev and the Russian Federation would “live […]


‘No need for the #SavePsaki campaign’: Jen Psaki not leaving State


Tweeps: Rumor about Jen Psaki leaving her job as @statedeptspox is FALSE. No need for the #SavePsaki campaign. — Matt Lee (@APDiploWriter) June 5, 2014 But… Jennifer #Psaki was fired from the #USA State Department #SaveDonbasPeople #Novorussia #Ukraine #urgently #SaveAnnaNews #LPR #DPR #news — Anna-News (@_AnnaNews) June 5, 2014 Wait, what now? We know that […]


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