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ESPN reportedly refuses ad due to ‘problematic’ mention of Jesus [video]

, , , , , , ,!/Hankin57/status/410985020950446080 An ad from the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation has reportedly been turned down by ESPN because its mention of Jesus could be “problematic” for the cable sports network:!/DavidTullo/status/410982845209788416 Here is the full ad that apparently has been deemed too potentially offensive to air at Christmas-time:!/KenInEastman/status/410969866057678848 ESPN is being shredded for reportedly refusing […]


‘Not a cult’: Mia Farrow deletes tweet likening Obama to Jesus

, , , , , ,!/MiaFarrow/status/521848692748607488 @MiaFarrow -such a shame that most of the world is mentally ill crazies and our great President gets blamed for everything. #NotHisFault — Kevin_From_NJ (@Fan_From_NJ) October 14, 2014 Not a cult. Mia Farrow isn’t happy that Leon Panetta isn’t displaying the correct amount of servility toward President Obama. Harsh words for Leon Panetta from […]


Jeremiah Wright: ‘Ferguson and Palestine have united’

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The Hill calls him a “controversial religious leader,” although we like to think of Jeremiah Wright as that guy whose photo suddenly disappeared from Barack Obama’s campaign website when the audio from one of his sermons was leaked. Apparently Louis Farrakhan’s#JusticeOrElse rally wouldn’t have been complete without his input. In today’s sermon, Wright askedthe crowd […]


Fugelsang: ‘Right-wing Christians’ would ‘nail [Jesus] all over again’ [video]

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@Matthops82 @JohnFugelsang Oh. And he knows what Jesus wants. — Beef Supreme (@TorchOWyatt) June 11, 2014 Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” John Fugelsang, during a discussion about Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert and “right-wing Christians,” said this: @NoahCRothman Seriously? — laurakfillault (@laurakfillault) June 11, 2014 Yes, seriously. Video followed by transcript: Q: Do you […]


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