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‘This cannot be real life’: How the heck did Hillary manage to ‘do this with a straight face’? [video]

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Hillary Clinton, ladies and gentlemen: Is that so? Oh, but it is: That gal … she really is something[emphasis ours]: Seriously, it really does matter what youre saying when you are president and it probably should matter what you say when you’re running for President, Clinton said after Kimmel read a list of Carsons out-there […]


Father of viral video star ‘Trick Shot Titus’ is ‘outed’ as conservative

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What happens when DeadSpin outs you for being *gasp* Conservative? Hate-filled attacks on your child (See TL, also): — Bob ن (@BobHicks_) January 3, 2014 Titus Ashby is an adorable boy who makes trick basketball shots. He’s appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and in viral videos with celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and […]


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