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‘All In’ with the Dark Lord? Chris Hayes promises ‘lots of satanism’

, , ,!/a_salta1/status/466678880129286144 We know Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show isn’t exactly popular, but would he sell his soul to the devil to boost his lousy ratings? Maybe:!/chrislhayes/status/466678636406272000 Satanism, huh?!/hamsun1381/status/466680173400961025 Same difference, really.!/johntabin/status/466678887674425344 As intriguing as Hayes’ pitch might be, we’re gonna take a pass.!/sarahrstevenson/status/466680039669780480 *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Chris Hayes Read more: […]


Paperwork Reduction Act? DC’s O-care exchange doubles up on statements [pic]

, , ,!/argumatronic/status/417389147565740032 Apparently if you sign up to receive electronic notices from the DC Obamacare exchange, they’ll send you a piece of paper in the mail informing you that you’ve opted out of paper:!/johntabin/status/417388096045744129 Read the letter and it clearly states that signing up for electronic notices does not mean the government won’t still send […]


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