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These Lena Dunham molestation ‘joke’ foul flashbacks are brutal

,!/redsteeze/status/529320275893305344 Yep. As Twitchy readers know, actress Lena Dunham has canceled some book tour stops. Gee, why would that be? Perhaps because she is rightly under fire for passages in her book that some allege indicate sexual abuse of her sister by Dunham. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel seems to think it’s hunky-dory; He endorsed and defended […]


If You Laugh At These Jokes, Congratulations! You’re A Nerd.

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Listen up nerds: you’re about to laugh your Bunsen burners off. Thanks to the rise of the socially awkward and scientifically-minded outcasts of the world, the Internet has become Nerdtown. Truthfully, we couldn’t be happier about it. Take a break from the lab to check out these hilarious one-liners that would have Schrödinger slappin’ his […]


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