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‘Seriously?’ Roll Call editor decries ‘unfair’ detention of Jose Antonio Vargas

, , , ,!/chelseagrunwald/status/489062150787186688 The news that illegal immigrant activist Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained at a Texas Border Patrol station is hitting some of his fellow “journalists” pretty hard. Roll Call’s editor in chief Christina Bellantoni is beside herself:!/cbellantoni/status/489059522250428417 Is that so?!/RockmanHalo/status/489061196864421889!/charlescwcooke/status/489060168223948800 Outrageous and “unfair,” apparently:!/TickedOffMic/status/489060903296307200!/HokieMBA00/status/489062740363726849 Bellantoni could use some perspective […]


Illegal alien reporter Jose Vargas calls out celebs on border crisis

, , , , , ,!/CactusHowl/status/489589339962089472 Jose Vargas  blatantly flouts our laws and the government who is supposed to enforce them sees it and does nothing. He is our entire immigration problem personified with a big dash of narcissism thrown in for flavor.!/ReallyLaLa1/status/489588721558114304!/ana_belen22/status/489589822516756481 They’re under no obligation.!/mom2jazz/status/489591862424920064 Do they oppose immigration reform or illegal immigration?!/nativeappsvc/status/489593329554690048!/aam429/status/489595399338881024!/aam429/status/489596419800440832 Hard to tell […]


Bill de Blasio: Jose Antonio Vargas ‘exemplifies what America is about’

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I stand in solidarity with journalist and advocate @joseiswriting. He exemplifies what America is about. — Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) July 15, 2014 As Twitchy reported earlier,  proud “undocumented American” Jose Antonio Vargas was detained at McAllen Airport in Texas and taken to the Border Patrol station for processing this morning. Vargas tweeted that he had only […]


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