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Karl Rove had a bad night [video]


Whoops! A few seconds after Karl Rove told Fox News’ Chris Wallace last night how he thought “the race [between Rubio and Trump] will continue to tighten” in Virginia, he gets interrupted with the news that Fox News just called the state for Donald Trump: Watch here: Read more:


DCCC email: ‘We’re getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,’ ‘worst week so far’

, , , , ,!/katrinaRavioli/status/505169166798950400 OFA took the sweet/creepy route today with its fundraising mail, with “Barack Obama” telling recipients, “I need you.” If you thought that sounded desperate, you probably didn’t receive the email from the DCCC, with the all-caps header, “ACCEPT DEFEAT.” Jonah Goldberg received his. [email protected] I think they call that "malaise." 🙂 — Gina Dalfonzo (@ginadalfonzo) […]


Chris Matthews: ‘Previous kamikazes’ more patriotic than Karl Rove [video]

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@hardball_chris just called Kamikazes more "patriotic" than @KarlRove. How do they get away with this stuff?? @hardball — T. Ryan Martinez (@T_RyanMartinez) May 14, 2014 Karl Rove caused a stir recently when he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s fall in 2012 could have caused a traumatic brain injury. Chris Matthews was displeased with the former Bush […]


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