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Once Kept In Cages In Korea, These Dogs Are Finding New Homes In The U.S And Canada

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Since the era of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in 57 A.D., the consumption of dog meat has been a controversial part of South Korean cuisine. Though as much as 30% of the population has tried dog meat at least once in their life, a much smaller percentage actually consumes it regularly. With the tradition […]


American Kids Tried Breakfast From Around The World And Their Reactions Are Too Much

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…And only a few of them spit it back out! 1. Cut Video and Kitchen Bowl invited a bunch of American kids to come in and try traditional breakfasts from around the world. Here are the hilariously adorable results… Video available at: Cut Video / Via 2. First up was the Korean breakfast, […]


Dashboard Camera Catches Two Korean Kids Dancing Like No One’s Watching.

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There’s something really special about finding someone you can be a huge dork with. Life is serious in a lot of ways, so being silly with someone you love is so important! It seems these kids were lucky enough to find that special kind of someone. This car’s dashboard camera captured a pair of Korean students walking […]


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