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Which Lady Gaga Era Are You?

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You were born this way. View this image › Interscope Records/ Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed Interscope Records Interscope Records Interscope Records Thinkstock Interscope Records Thinkstock Interscope Records Interscope Records Interscope Records Which Lady Gaga Era Are You? You got: The Fame Gaga Everyone in your life underestimates you and your talents, but little do they […]


Oprah Running From Lady Gaga At The Oscars Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

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Probably not, but it still looked hilarious. 1. So the Queen of America, Oprah Winfrey, is at tonight’s Oscars, representing Selma. View this image › Jason Merritt / Getty Images 2. And pop megastar Lady Gaga is at the ceremony too. She’s performing! View this image › Mark Ralston / Getty Images 3. Things seemed […]


The New Season Of #AHS Is Called #AHSHotel & It Will Feature #LadyGaga

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Little Monsters rejoice! FX has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Season 5 of American Horror Story will feature Lady Gaga. View this image › And Mother Monster herself tweeted the news… Make your reservation now. #GagaAHSHotel — ladygaga (@Lady Gaga) …Along with a short teaser. Video available at: And in it, she […]


No One Should Have Been Surprised Lady Gaga Slayed At The Oscars

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Mother Monster has ALWAYS been the best. 1. So you probably saw Lady Gaga’s EPIC tribute last night to The Sound Of Music. View this image › ABC / Via ET If not, watch the full performance ASAP here. 2. Like, Gaga came out in this stunning white ensemble and BROUGHT. THE. HOUSE. DOWN. View […]


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