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CBC wants ‘police czar’ to oversee local law enforcement

, , , , , , ,!/politico/status/504074528650432513 The actual evidence is painting a much different picture of the Michael Brown shooting by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer than the media narrative which stoked a week of riots and protests. That hasn’t deterred the Congressional Black Caucus from trying to turn the incident into a federal power grab. Politico reports: Rep. Elijah […]


‘Are you insane?’ Sen. Gillibrand: Reporting this to police is ‘wrong approach’

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Well, this is dumb: Is it, Senator? Is it? Good Lord, but Sen. Gillibrand is a dolt. Seriously. How couldGillibrand possibly think what she wrote makes any sense? Bingo. Give her some time. We’re sure she’ll find a way to top herself soon enough. Read more:


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