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Keith Ellison gets emoji happy with ‘then vs. now’ #RaiseTheWage graphics

, , , , ,!/ScottLofquist/status/520584446479589376 Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is on a #RaiseTheWage crusade again today: Today is National Minimum Wage Day. Why do we need to #RaiseTheWage? The federal minimum wage hasn’t kept up with the cost of basic goods. — Rep. Keith Ellison (@keithellison) October 10, 2014 The minimum wage in 1968 was $1.60 an hour—$10.56 in […]


‘No, CNN. NO NO NO!’ CNN’s Bieber comparison prompts cries of ‘WTF?’

, , , , ,!/hlrothe/status/426713638838083584 Go home, CNN. You’re drunk.!/NolteNC/status/426712975563444224 A mugshot side-by-side of Justin Bieber and Frank Sinatra? Is a Belieber running the programming?!/RadioChio/status/426524062559379456!/mooshakins/status/426714010562486273!/brodigan/status/426713335338639361!/JonahNRO/status/426713450073448449!/MochaLite/status/426714046427959296!/DirtTurner/status/426714446581354496 Fixed it for ya:!/LeavenworthSt/status/426713907772661761 Read more:


Rep. Jared Polis uses Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision

, , , ,!/jaredpolis/status/483656976946061312 Um, what?!/stumbalinaa/status/483657246191419392!/AngellRossi/status/483657751705694208 Also, nobody really voted “to deny contraception.” Hobby Lobby employees are still able to purchase all forms of legal birth control, including abortifacients, on their own. Of course, Rep. Polis has deleted his tweet, but Twitchy has saved it for posterity: Here’s his new and improved version:!/jaredpolis/status/483660762691280897 Unfortunately, that is also incorrect. There are six […]


‘We get nowhere’: Harry Reid blocks Republican amendments from UI bill

, , , , , ,!/TPCarney/status/421385467565572097 “Blame Republicans” is Harry Reid’s middle name. As debate over a bill to extend unemployment benefits goes on, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is blocking any and all GOP amendments:!/StewSays/status/421384743381258240!/burgessev/status/421386438316290048 Obviously this isn’t sitting well with the other side of the aisle:!/samsteinhp/status/421384615140814849!/mikememoli/status/421387661090111488!/SenDanCoats/status/421397609190658048 After all that denying of amendments, Reid […]


‘Insane’: Staunch Obamacare supporter getting screwed by Anthem Blue Cross

, , ,!/miamarshalled/status/422804781963296768 Obamacare’s had a pretty darn good week according to Chuck Todd. We’d love him to explain that to tweeter Mia Marshall, then, who’s been fighting a losing battle with Anthem Blue Cross in California:!/miamarshalled/status/422803652386906112!/miamarshalled/status/422804041085632512!/miamarshalled/status/422805231169056768!/miamarshalled/status/422807167465295872!/miamarshalled/status/422807536861863936!/miamarshalled/status/422809176151052289!/miamarshalled/status/422809921927663616!/miamarshalled/status/422811050438692864 Very small favors. Meanwhile, Covered California took notice of Marshall’s complaints — […]


Arizona bill would allow surprise inspections of abortion clinics

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ACTION ALERT: Join us in the rose garden of the Arizona Capitol today at 1 P.M. as we rally against anti-abortion bill #HB2284. #AZForward — AZ Democratic Party (@AZDemParty) March 4, 2014 A small rally was held today at the Arizona state capitol in protest of House Bill 2284, which would allow surprise government inspections of […]


Bqhatevwr: Is Scott Brown ‘just trolling folks on purpose now’?

, , ,!/CarolFox25/status/429252850221199360 Former Sen. Scott Brown is sending his CV where? Scaccia cv [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] c c [email protected] [email protected] @c cc#ccvvnmzc ? — Scott P. Brown (@SenScottBrown) January 31, 2014 A probable pocket tweet, but this seems possible: I think @SenScottBrown is just trolling folks on purpose now — CTIronman (@CTIronman) January 31, 2014 Then […]


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