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Don’t look now Vox; Your epic stupidity sparked mock-tastic hashtag [photos]

, , , , ,!/Will_Antonin/status/516593692480925696 Heh. As Twitchy readers know, Vox upped its already high level of stupidity when it claimed protesters in Hong Kong were showing solidarity with Ferguson. How? By putting their hands up. No, really. That happened. The mockery was swift and sure, but it got even better when this photo-filled hashtag entered the mix. Have […]


Sickening: You won’t believe Wendy Davis’ lack of self-awareness

, , , ,!/NolteNC/status/408238684731744256 Seriously.!/conkc2/status/408230401727934464 Unbelievably, this happened:!/WendyDavisTexas/status/408056050453970944 This is beyond a staggering lack of self-awareness: It has moved right into chilling.!/gabrielmalor/status/408238503659843584!/gabrielmalor/status/408238877582036992 Twitter users gave the pink-soled but soulless Davis the business and rightly so. Remember, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis achieved her sickening “hero” status by filibustering in support of late-term abortion and unsafe […]


Because ‘genocidal’ racism! HuffPo’s Charles Clymer calls Cornel West’s arrest ‘tragic’

, ,!/cmclymer/status/521709938377494528 Earlier today, Dr. Cornel West got himself arrested in Ferguson — yes, he “came here to go to jail.” And male über-feminist Charles Clymer is really upset about it: Tragic that Dr. Cornel West is arrested for protesting racism on a day the nation celebrates a genocidal racist. #Ferguson #ColumbusDay — Charles Clymer (@cmclymer) October […]


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