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This Christmas Lights Display Will Have You Rocking Out By The End

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Merry Christmas, everyone! For some, the holiday is all about being with family, exchanging gifts, and feasting on a turkey in the afternoon. But for others, the celebration doesn’t start until someone drives by your home to witness all the glory that is your lights display. We’re guessing this family falls in the latter group […]


Father Makes A Cool Glowing LED Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume For His Daughter.

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Last year a light bulb went off over Royce Hutain’s head after pondering creative costume ideas for his daughter Zoey’s first Halloween. Actually, to be more precise, it was an LED bulb. He created a stickman LED suit and posted the video of his 2-year-old human flashlight on YouTube to show his friends. It became an extreme viral hit, […]


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