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‘Hahahhahaaha as if’! Does Hillary actually expect us to believe this? [video]

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Is it possible to vomit from watching Hillary pretend to get in touch with her motherly side? You tell us: Blech. Actually, now that you mention it, it kinda does. Shudder. It’s gonna take a village to clean up all her B.S. You wanna help little kids, Hillary? Start here: Read more:


Watch What This Little Boy Does For His Classmate When She Needs Comforted. Heart Melted.

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This adorable video comes to us from Taiwan and was taken during a little girl’s first day at kindergarten. It being her first day there she was understandably feeling very uneasy and worried, as we all did on our very first school day. Lucky for her though she was seated next to the nicest little boy […]


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