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Insane: Rumors of #LouisvillePurge burn up the #LouisvillePoliceScanner

, ,!/agpeter01/status/500492093328875521 Never mind the deluge of crazy news this week; there’s always room for more if you have the imagination. Early Saturday morning, #LouisvillePoliceScanner topped Twitter’s trending topics, with #LouisvillePurge also making appearances. WKYT reports: Louisville Police say they’re now investigating a teenager accused of starting “Purge” rumors in the city. Police also say they […]


A 9 Year Old Boy Made His Mom A Promise. And A Couple Days Ago, THIS Happened.

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If you haven’t heard this story from the past week yet, you’re in for a tearjerker. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially for Mother’s Day. When Teddy Bridgewater was just 9 years old, he made his mom a promise that he never forgot. And two days ago, he kept that promise in touching, heartfelt fashion. When Teddy […]


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