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This Couple Found True Love In The Unlikeliest Way

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When we give the most of ourselves, we often receive even more in return. That’s certainly true for Chad Koosman, who lit up the countryside near his hometown with an enormous Christmas display to raise money for charity. While Koosman knew that the display would attract a lot of attention, he never dreamed of what […]


The Average Person May Just See A Section Of Concrete. But The Meaning Behind It Is Amazing.

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When preteen David Hewitt met Sissy at a mutual friend’s “boy-girl party,” he just had to scrawl “David + Sissy” in wet concrete near the their homes in Charleston, South Carolina. That 12-year-old’s infatuation turned to love over the course of their teens and the two were married less than a decade later. During their […]


A Hospital Is The Last Place I’d Expect For This To Happen. Fate Works In Amazing Ways.

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This will probably be the most beautiful story you will hear all year, one that will have you believing in fate. In this mini-documentary entitled “Good Night Margaret” by The New York Times, we get to hear how Margaret “Muffi” Lavigne and Chris Plum met and fell in love. Both Lavigne and Plum have muscular dystrophy, and […]


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