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David Draiman calls BS on Macklemore’s excuses for ‘anti-Semitic gimmick’

, , ,!/OandAshow/status/468698768506757121 Rapper Macklemore claims he wasn’t going for a “Jewish caricature” when he cobbled together the disguise that has accusations of anti-Semitism zipping around social media.!/macklemore/status/468593904913096704 He released a fauxpology blaming the media and just about everyone else for misunderstanding his oh-so-brilliant attempt at “random” ambiguity. As it turns out the fake noses they sell […]


Macklemore addresses ‘dykes’ tweet, has nothing to say about his Trutherism

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For those concerned… it's the name of a softball game in Seattle… — Macklemore (@macklemore) January 28, 2014 That tweet, posted earlier today, is a reference to a 2009 tweet which some people have wrongly interpreted as an anti-gay slur: watching dykes vs. drag queens play baseball on the hill…this sucks — Macklemore (@macklemore) […]


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