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Look how Mark Twain has ‘evolved’ during Harry Reid’s tenure [Photoshop]

, ,!/RBPundit/status/527568006491418624 When he became Senate Majority Leader in 2006, Harry Reid borrowed a Frank Edwin Larson painting of Mark Twain to hang on a wall in his office. The painting has certainly changed during Reid’s tenure: @RBPundit — Don (@nickdqwk) October 29, 2014 // What a sad difference a few years makes! (h/t […]


5 Lost Inventions From Nikola Tesla That Could Have Changed The World

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Before Tesla was the name of a major American electric car brand, it was the name of infamous 19th-century inventor Nikola Tesla. Despite being largely disregarded during his life, history has been kind to Tesla and his groundbreaking creations. While we know about most of Tesla’s inventions, there are several rumored devices of his that […]


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