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Conservatives support #BlackOpenCarry despite political differences

, , , , , ,!/oooitsleah/status/502290156695474176 The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri has inspired some groups of urban blacks to exercise their Second Amendment rights and open carry rights in states where they exist. The #BlackOpenCarry hashtag was met with near unanimous support from conservatives and 2A activists despite a few differences of opinion about politics.!/DLoesch/status/502292591669686272!/oooitsleah/status/502290326229237760!/Travesham/status/502292946289688576!/exjon/status/502291623225462784!/kenashimame/status/502292675760893952 […]


Doctor cites MLK to explain how ‘compassionate’ late term abortion is

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Christian doctor on why he performs abortions: 'I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality' — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) May 27, 2014 Willie J. Parker, a Washington DC based doctor professes to be a Christian yet he still performs late term abortions because he thinks it is compassionate. My soul just threw up. MT @thinkprogress: […]


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