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How insane is Dem Gov. O’Malley? THIS insane

,!/RBPundit/status/519857633743101952 Simple, right? Nope. Whut? — RB (@RBPundit) October 8, 2014 No, really: WHUT? Take a look at the latest absurdity from Maryland’s Gov. O’Malley: "WiFi is a human right.” – Martin O’Malley Also Frosted Flakes — Jon Ward (@jonward11) October 8, 2014 Dude. Stop it. Just … stop. @jonward11 what the fuck? — Spergon […]


‘Wow!’ How ludicrous is Dem Gov. Martin O’Malley? This ludicrous [photo]

, , , ,!/GovernorOMalley/status/471103802607538177 Um. So, Gov. O’Malley apparently wasn’t content with the embarrassment that was his recent Reddit AMA event. He had to up the mock-worthy factor with this:!/eyeonannapolis/status/471086664014901248 Pointing and snickering!!/JulieSax/status/471106870414168064 Worse than that?!/stunt_bird/status/471107116133261312 Heh.!/djfilippone/status/471107528047476736 Double heh. And an excellent exit point:!/thorngreg/status/471107405611548672 Related: ‘What a dork’: Gov. Martin O’Malley’s Reddit AMA […]


Democrats agree (mostly): #ActOnClimate or children will die

, , , , , ,!/vickmichele/status/473457276020199425 President “Under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” Obama announced his new “Clean Power Plant Standards” today, complete with graphics featuring faceless “Julia” type characters. The Democrats began a full court press under the #ActOnClimate hashtag but for the most part they’re steering clear of climate alarmism because voters don’t really care about it. Instead […]


O’Malley turns Ray Rice situation into ‘horn tooting political moment’

, , ,!/kchamp_kevin/status/509093867581636608 Jim Geraghty dug up this photo of Ray Rice in attendance when Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed an “anti-cyber-bullying” bill into law. Geraghty noted the “awful irony” of Ray Rice being an anti-bullying activist.!/myfavoritchords/status/509081475640479744!/jrozens/status/509081721455669248!/SpeakWithAuthor/status/509084739169714176 But just watch O’Malley leap into action to distance himself from Rice and use the occasion for some […]


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