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‘Most powerful weapon’: John Kerry urges ‘public shaming’ to enforce new climate agreement

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So how does John Kerry think the all-healing climate “agreement” that was signed yesterday in Paris should be enforced? The Secretary of State of the United States is on television urging the public shaming of people who do not agree with the administration’s position on the matter of climate change. Good grief. So is Kerry […]


Meet the Press jumps the shark: David Gregory invites to talk Benghazi, foreign policy

, ,!/marissajeanine/status/462971924998782976 Tim Russert must be rolling over in his grave. Troubled host David Gregory and his producers are trying to boost their sagging ratings by turning NBC’s “Meet The Press” into Meet The Celebs. Perfect ending to the D.C journalists/celebs/White House weekend. No wonder one of the show’s producers just quit.!/JCPolancoNYC/status/462972166376783872 What comes next, […]


John Kerry lavishes praise on Susan Rice after ‘Meet the Press’ appearance

, , , ,!/RichardGrenell/status/437636124505554944 Susan Rice appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning and addressed her statements on the Sunday talk shows following the attacks in Benghazi. John Kerry was pleased.!/JohnKerry/status/437634018268303361 But rational viewers were not amused.!/AdamBaldwin/status/437641426680037376!/NYDCTDC/status/437639255511547904!/RobFuer/status/437608030675668992 Here’s a clip from her appearance:!/rorycooper/status/437615119229796352 Wow, indeed. Read more:


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