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Army agency tweets ‘Happy Memorial Day’ on Labor Day

, , ,!/msge8/status/506417496765644800 Program Executive Officer (PEO) Solider is the government agency responsible for acquiring everything a U.S. soldier wears or carries. You might think the person running PEO Soldier’s official Twitter account would know the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day. But no:!/PEOSoldier/status/506411595032174592 Good grief. Update: PEO Soldier has quietly deleted its tweet. Update:!/PEOSoldier/status/506610097318281217 Read more:


America’s heroes died for these vile ingrates

, ,!/slimsaydie69/status/470944780722372608 Today, many Americans are mourning our country’s fallen soldiers. Others, unfortunately, can’t be bothered. Then there is a third group: those using the occasion to express hostility toward the holiday, our troops, or both.!/AyoDarrell_/status/470955629322829825!/KAPO_ODG/status/470932441306525696!/KAPO_ODG/status/470934565419503616!/JamalMeMaybe/status/470957743285600258!/XavierCosmos/status/470950967731445760!/ripchanel/status/470954281890107392!/Keiris_Surita/status/470950176044380160!/KdDasher/status/470958062115643392!/_king_asia_/status/470956697486241793!/LittleDTattoos/status/470967733107310592!/bro_itskjae/status/470917670183776256!/Eyeslam/status/470924043445481472!/ThaPussCPleaser/status/470962234274103299!/ZAMANDABYNES/status/470958380170113024!/ddoTMichael/status/470940513471053824 “Wars wouldn’t happen if we didn’t […]


Union honcho: ‘On Memorial Day we honor those who served’

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On Memorial Day we Honor those who Served. All gave some. Some gave All. Thank you for your Service. #1u . — Marc Perrone (@Marc_Perrone) May 24, 2014 Anthony “Marc” Perrone is Secretary-Treasurer of the 1.3 million member United Food & Commercial Workers International Union. Unfortunately, he seems a bit unclear on the distinction between Veterans Day […]


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