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5 Abandoned Asylums Whose Backstories Would Make For Terrifying Movies.

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Most people are familiar with the old axiom that real life is stranger than fiction. This is absolutely true in old mental health facilities around the United States. The public mental health system was a corrupt and overcrowded nightmare before the modern era of mostly privatized mental health facilities. These five facilities did some amazing work […]


These Tattoos Aren’t Just Beautiful — They’re Helping Self-Harm Survivors Heal

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Studies show that one in six women and one in seven men will have self-harmed at some point in their lives. The phenomenon, which is replete with chilling statistics, is most prevalent in developed nations in North America and Western Europe, and 90 percent of those who self-harm begin in their teens. Often associated with […]


How I Learned To Be OK With Feeling Sad

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It wasn’t easy, or cheap. View this image › Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed The first time I didn’t feel sad about feeling sad was on Sept. 17, 2013. I was in my therapist’s office. More specifically, I was lying on a table, faceup, in my therapist’s office. Maybe it sounds simple, but it was a […]


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