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Looks like the ‘Duck Dynasty’ family had an awesome Christmas [photos]

, , , , , ,!/MissyDuckWife/status/415607711653314561 Many of the “Duck Dynasty” family members have Twitter accounts, and based on their tweets, it seems the A&E firestorm didn’t derail their Christmas at all. Sadie Robertson tweeted that “Papaw Phil finally gave Mamaw Kay a wedding ring for Christmas,” and the family’s tweets were brimming with love.!/bosshogswife/status/415782540377874433!/bosshogswife/status/415866321352409088!/bosshogswife/status/415949421642145792!/bosshogswife/status/416034286664687619 We […]


Kabul rocked by two blasts near U.S. embassy; Taliban reportedly claims responsibility

, , ,!/Pressistan/status/415709670112641024!/AhMukhtar/status/415706693230936064 Reports streamed in across Twitter late on Christmas Eve that two blasts had shaken Kabul, Afghanistan not far from the U.S. Embassy.!/PressTV/status/415739438635835392!/BashirChoudhary/status/415741140957396992!/AfPak_Journo/status/415734219172614144 According to one local journo, there’s been one arrest.!/EsmatKohsar/status/415707950721015808!/pineappleskip/status/415678536700407808!/fykkhorshid/status/415675793311014912!/MrShirinaqa/status/415704913352474624!/NasirAzizi1/status/415676304051027968 The New York Times reports that the Taliban quickly claimed responsibility.!/nytimes/status/415742698247950336 But will […]


TSA couldn’t wait ’til Christmas to open your wrapped presents [photos]

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Just found out @TSA unwrapped all the Christmas presents in my luggage now I know where the Grinch works. — Audrey Knox (@audreyknox) December 24, 2013 Pretty sure I just wrapped an assload of presents for nothing. From what I'm reading, the TSA isn't fond of wrapped gifts… — Samantha Hayden (@samhaydenb) December 24, 2013 […]


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