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Mia Farrow: Dick Cheney is ‘throwing shade’ when he ‘should be in prison’

, , ,!/AntheaButler/status/489064093505294336 Is “better” a synonym for “more ridiculous”?!/MiaFarrow/status/489053360856002560 Hey, Mia, if you want to get the former VP sent to prison, Code Pink can hook you up with an awesome protest costume.!/GideonResnick/status/488729772705345536 Related: ‘Makes me want to puke’: Code Pink disrupts Cheney family lunch event Related: Full Twitchy coverage of actress Mia Farrow […]


Mia Farrow wants to save the Earth one paper towel at a time

, ,!/MiaFarrow/status/406077998535032833 We don’t know about you, but the thought of Mia Farrow’s servants trying to cook a Thanksgiving meal while partitioning and reusing one paper towel and alternating with a dirty rag isn’t terribly appetizing. Or maybe one paper towel per day is only for us common folk, and not for our morally superior Hollywood […]


‘What does he want, a cookie?’ King’s ‘palpable bitchery’ apology rings hollow

, , , , ,!/Vernicq/status/431140734738001921 Celebrated author Stephen King recently came under major fire after suggesting Dylan Farrow’s account of childhood sexual abuse contained “an element of palpable bitchery.” Today, he said he was sorry:!/StephenKing/status/431094748632211457 From King’s “apology”: Those of you who follow Twitter will know that recently I managed to put my foot in my mouth and […]


‘Not a cult’: Mia Farrow deletes tweet likening Obama to Jesus

, , , , , ,!/MiaFarrow/status/521848692748607488 @MiaFarrow -such a shame that most of the world is mentally ill crazies and our great President gets blamed for everything. #NotHisFault — Kevin_From_NJ (@Fan_From_NJ) October 14, 2014 Not a cult. Mia Farrow isn’t happy that Leon Panetta isn’t displaying the correct amount of servility toward President Obama. Harsh words for Leon Panetta from […]


Mia Farrow: ‘Why are they bombing homes in Gaza City?’ Tammy Bruce answers

,!/MiaFarrow/status/490650391617757185 Israel did say that one priority was to take out Hamas tunnels, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also declared Israel was launching a land, sea, and air offensive to end the rocket attacks on Israeli cities.!/zlando/status/490652215984402432!/Phillippring/status/490653063946858496!/IDFSpokesperson/status/490580854331035649     Read more:


Mia Farrow, Vox don’t make much sense on Islamophobia, Nobel Peace Prize

, , ,!/kimsmit08234204/status/520435950111842307 The Bill Maher-Ben Affleck Islamophobia debate is still making news, now with Mia Farrow’s contribution: It's not just Bill Maher: Islamophobia on cable news is out of control — mia farrow (@MiaFarrow) October 10, 2014 Farrow’s readers respond: @MiaFarrow Mia how is is Islamophobe to just bring attention to what their faith actually […]


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