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Obama congratulates NFL ‘for taking an important step forward today’

, , , , ,!/betsy_klein/status/465312637639610368 It didn’t take the White House long to weigh in on the drafting of Michael Sam Saturday. Sam was the 249th draft pick, but managed to make headlines as the first openly gay player to be recruited by an NFL team. That, of course, called for a statement from the White House.!/brendon_wm/status/465315639922786304!/MicFiend410/status/465318304437919745 […]


Michael Sam, ‘inspiration to all of us,’ cut from Cowboys practice squad

, , , , ,!/JoshEberley/status/524645041587761152 As desperately as Democratic candidates are trying to avoid any association with President Obama this fall, maybe it’s time for athletes and others to consider doing the same. Michael Sam’s drafting by the St. Louis Rams in May earned him the congratulations of President Obama in an official White House statement and the accolade of […]


‘Intern fill in today?’ Mother Jones aims for ‘damn dumbest’ Sam headline

, ,!/JayCaruso/status/505860033750769664 “Real journalism” doesn’t take a break over a holiday weekend, as evidenced by this offering from Mother Jones:!/MotherJones/status/505828054019502080 Mmmmkay.!/FirstTeamTommy/status/505861261733928960!/RexHarrisonsHat/status/505833729517187072!/kellyransford/status/505835407750496257!/McCarthyKnew/status/505852283192893440!/EvanDMyers/status/505861555821768704 Yep. Whatevs, MoJo. Speak for yourselves.!/LittleSlav/status/505853925891653632 On the other hand:!/LittleSlav/status/505854176958509056 Truth. Not to mention:!/NathanWurtzel/status/505861047660859392 Amen to that. *** Related: He’s out: Michael Sam released from St. […]


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