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‘Shove your pompous projections’! Michael Skolnik SLAMMED for #Charlottesville lunacy

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A “top” tweet for the year may have been spotted: Sure to be in the top three Most Idiotic Virtue Signaling Tweets of 2017. — Joel Engel (@joelengel) August 12, 2017 // And here it is. This thread relating the Charlottesville Nazis to every white conservative — Todd St. John (@mt_stjohn) August 12, […]


“The riots have started’: Protest escalates in Missouri [pics, video]

, , , , , , ,!/Beverlyb11/status/498646211755540480 It seems the situation has only gotten worse in Ferguson, Missouri where people are protesting the police shooting of Michael Brown.!/ElizabethKSDK/status/498641275684675584!/ElizabethKSDK/status/498643765008285697!/seelolago/status/498643226925223936!/Ambitious_Bre/status/498646161792958466!/MichaelSkolnik/status/498646696759660544!/chrislhayes/status/498647436609736705!/PTtheIslander/status/498648263458045953!/rlippmann/status/498650832909651971!/AntonioFrench/status/498650161145720833!/BrittanyNoble/status/498649816663334913!/TefPoe/status/498651808089534464!/iamWillH/status/498652753846345729 Indeed. Update: 10:38 PM EDT, August 10!/MichaelSkolnik/status/498656274616434688!/latoyamarie/status/498656955763032065!/bkillip/status/498660315287261185!/ReecePGL/status/498661000057335808!/ChristinaKSDK/status/498661059839131648!/rlippmann/status/498661016629432320!/rlippmann/status/498656918601490432 From neighborhood business owners?!/rlippmann/status/498657578956902401!/rlippmann/status/498661016629432320!/goldietaylor/status/498662169693921280 […]


Report on Michael Brown’s autopsy trends; Dorian Johnson account questioned

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BREAKING: autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot 6 times in front, none in back — John Galt (@JohnGGalt) August 18, 2014 The narratives, they are a changin’. The New York Times published a story tonight detailing the autopsy of Ferguson, Missouri, teen Michael Brown. Things are not as they had appeared in the immediate […]


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