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Who knew? ‘Middle Class Joe’ Biden drops a bomb: ‘I’m pretty damn sophisticated’

, ,!/LoganD_Anderson/status/489461219880091648 Joe “Big Effing Deal” Biden may have a tendency to come off like a bit of a dolt, but don’t let that fool you. As he told his audience today at the Make Progress National Summit, he’s actually rather sophisticated — if he does say so himself:!/HSDemsofAmerica/status/489461260237291521!/sefaref22/status/489461422422634497!/beltray/status/489463846810435584 And there you have it. *** […]


Rep. Wasserman Schultz blasted for comments after House OKs Benghazi panel

, , , , ,!/WBlance/status/464537699391918080 The House of Representatives has voted to approve a select panel to investigate Benghazi. Seven Democrats joined all Republicans to approve the panel:!/michellemalkin/status/464533177575686144 Debbie Wasserman Schultz could of course be counted on to say that the Republican motivation behind the Benghazi panel is purely political. Wasserman Schultz also claimed that the vote to […]


‘Obama won’t be amused’ by Bill Clinton’s reason to vote for Hillary (but you will be)

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Bill Clinton’s campaigning for Hillary in New Hampshire, and the former president spelled out who needs help in this economy: Is that so? Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! That does sound awfully familiar! Read more:


Bernie Sanders thinks WHAT is seen as foundation of middle class? (‘Seriously out of touch’ alert!)

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Bernie Sanders continues to run on a need to raise the minimum wage, but somehow even the current minimum wage serves as an important economic building block: People see the minimum wage as the “foundation” of the middle class? Really? We’re not sure. Yeah, what gives? Sanders has said that “nobody who works 40 hours […]


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