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This Innovative Artist Paints Eye-Opening Creations On Tiny Canvases

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“Makeup can be so much more than meets the eye,” Tal Peleg writes, and she means that quite literally. Plenty of makeup artists can deftly wing out black eyeliner with a flick of the wrist, but turning eyelids into canvases for miniature paintings requires a pretty unique skillset. Instead of hosting smokey eyes and cut […]


This Artist’s Passion Project Evolved Into A Masterful Series Of Tiny Paintings

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As creators continue to harness their abilities, the inclination to go bigger is part of what’s become a natural progression — and that makes sense in a world that equates larger-than-life works of art to larger-than-life talent. One artist by the name of Dina Brodksy, however, proves that creating small, painstakingly detailed pieces is certainly […]


This Artist’s Tiny Cityscapes Prove That It Really Is A Small World

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City skylines look stunning from far away, but when we’re ripped away from this gorgeous sense of removal and thrown into the fray, those views give way to gritty street corners and gum-covered sidewalks. That being said, there’s something transformative about urban photography. Instead of capturing inspiring panoramas of postcard-worthy cityscapes from afar, these creators […]


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