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Self-awareness is hard: Benghazi-mocking Mo. lawmaker doubles down on idiocy

, , , , ,!/PhonyScandal/status/464190969189904385 Nope, not yet. As Twitchy readers know, Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman exposed her own moral bankruptcy when she made four dead Americans into a punchline with a shameful Benghazi “joke.” Evidently, Sicko Newman isn’t done trying out her comedy act. The “despicable” Ms. Newman had no Twitter response to the rightful backlash after […]


The Parents Of Trayvon Martin And Jordan Davis Are Helping Michael Brown’s Family Cope

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The families of unarmed black teenagers who died in high-profile cases have come to support and rely on one another. View this image › Michael Brown Sr. yells out as the casket is lowered during the funeral service for his son Michael Brown in Normandy, Missouri, Monday, Aug. 25. AP Photo/New York Times, Richard Perry […]


Massive Pileup In Missouri Blocks Interstate For Hours

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At least 11 people were reportedly injured in the massive pileup along Interstate 44 Saturday afternoon, involving several cars and big-rigs on the snowy road. The highway was expected to remain closed for hours. Video available at: A massive pileup involving more than two dozen cars and big-rigs left at least 11 people […]


LOL: Chris Hayes tries to be a sporty guy; Guess what happened (Hint: Fail)

, , , , ,!/RobProvince/status/517289021341712384 Never forget what? Well, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was watching the Kansas City Royals win their first playoff game in decades. THE KC ROYALS WON THEIR FIRST PLAYOFF GAME IN 29 YEARS! ⚾️ — TVU SPORTS (@TVUSports) October 1, 2014 Here’s Hayes. @DouthatNYT dude. We're gonna be watching the game *while our kids wake […]


Restore the Dream 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri [photos]

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Right now 100s of whites holding the hands of blacks, praying w/ #MikeBrown's uncle for #Ferguson. Chills. #WAARMedia #RestoreTheDream2014 — Holly Fisher (@HollyRFisher) October 25, 2014 What I see in #Ferguson: hundreds fellowshipping, eating, & praying. Why don't they show this on the news? #RestoreTheDream2014 #WAARMedia — Holly Fisher (@HollyRFisher) October 25, 2014 Restore the Dream 2014 […]


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