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Show Your Love For Jeffrey Dahmer With These Morbid Items For Sale On Etsy Right Now

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One of America’s most famous (and heinous) serial killers is, of course, Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer made a name for himself by picking up gay men in Milwaukee, drugging them, killing them, and then doing unspeakable things to their bodies. He’s famously known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, which is an apt moniker, since he did admit […]


This Guy’s Boss Has A Heaven’s Gate Death Shroud In The Office…Normal

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For anyone old enough to remember, the story of the Heaven’s Gate religious organization is more than a little disturbing. To refresh your memory, Heaven’s Gate is what many would consider to be a religious suicide cult. Its members believed that Earth was on the verge of being destroyed, and that humanity’s only chance for […]


These 21 Victoria Era Post-Mortem Photographs Are Unsettling. How Was This a Thing?

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The Victorian Era was a pretty morbid time in human history. One of the most unsettling traditions of the era was the practice of post-mortem photography (that is, photographing the dead). By today’s standards, this is would be pretty taboo, but at the time it was seen as quite normal. That doesn’t mean that seeing those pictures now makes them […]


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