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A 9 Year Old Boy Made His Mom A Promise. And A Couple Days Ago, THIS Happened.

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If you haven’t heard this story from the past week yet, you’re in for a tearjerker. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially for Mother’s Day. When Teddy Bridgewater was just 9 years old, he made his mom a promise that he never forgot. And two days ago, he kept that promise in touching, heartfelt fashion. When Teddy […]


A Heartwarming Pampers Ad Will Bring You To Tears. Grab Some Tissues…

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Pampers Japan had an amazing idea. They didn’t just celebrate the first birthday of babies everywhere; they also congratulated mothers on reaching the milestone. These magnificent women deserve more admiration and gratitude than we’ll ever be able to give, and it’s great to see them adored. Their idea resulted in this heartwarming video. Prepare to […]


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