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Awesome Photoshops mock President Ego’s self-parodying Mandela tribute [pics]

, ,!/Doc_0/status/408742397183397888 Perhaps Nelson Mandela never dared to dream of such magic, but it was easy to predict the narcissist in chief would make himself the center of attention on the day of Mandela’s death. As Twitchy reported, the White House honored Mandela with a tweet. Pic of Obama? Check. Quote from Obama? Check. Photoshops skewering […]


Reports: Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95

,!/AP/status/408715836896317440 Numerous sources are reporting that Nelson Mandela has passed away at the age of 95:!/nytimesworld/status/408720747977523202!/azcentral/status/408720651655335936 President Obama will speak about Mandela’s passing shortly:!/NBCNews/status/408720522520690688 Read more:


Sen. Ted Cruz walks out on Raúl Castro’s speech at Mandela memorial

, , , , , , , ,!/kasie/status/410562378980659200 A spokesperson has confirmed that Sen. Ted Cruz, who attended the Nelson Mandela memorial today, walked out on a speech by Cuban President Raúl Castro.!/HankPiasecki/status/410564317529251840 Sean Rushton, Cruz’s communications director, explained: Senator Cruz very much hopes that Castro learns the lessons of Nelson Mandela. For decades, Castro has wrongly imprisoned and tortured countless innocents. […]


Viral pic captures shadow of Mandela statue on South African embassy [photos]

, ,!/HemlockMartinis/status/408756196032524288 Matt Ford’s photo has been retweeted more than 2,000 times and has scored 1,000 favorites and counting.!/javachik/status/408828984156123137 He shared a couple of other photos from the South African embassy in Washington, D.C.!/HemlockMartinis/status/408761546471243776 Others also captured images of the shadow.!/CamThompsonWNEW/status/408755808340819968!/lechatsavant/status/408730360390758401 Related: ‘An icon for equality’: Celebs pay tribute to Nelson Mandela […]


Narcissist in chief keeps it about him on day of Mandela’s death [pic]

,!/JammieWF/status/408715239614869505 Asked, and answered:!/WhiteHouse/status/408734525615640577 As we’ve reported, Nelson Mandela passed away today at the age of 95. In tribute, the White House released a photo of … President Obama, along with a quote from … President Obama.!/redsteeze/status/408738011333943296 Predictable indeed:!/andylancaster/status/408738980029796352!/Talkmaster/status/408754259107127297!/hboulware/status/408736974472626177!/irishspy/status/408737448944869377!/chuck_dizzle/status/408736862379847680!/emzanotti/status/408738561576288256 It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to […]


MSNBC: Yes, yes, Mandela died, but what about President Boyfriend? [pic]

, ,!/charlescwcooke/status/408982546421403648 MSNBC in a nutshell. Nelson Mandela died and MSNBC and Obama have the same laser-like focus on … Obama. How ’bout that?!/gillianbdoll/status/408986604129103873 Read more:


‘An icon for equality’: Celebs pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

, , , ,!/OpieRadio/status/408729218588356608 Yes, Nelson Mandela was a very big deal. The death today of the anti-apartheid activist, political prisoner and former president of South Africa touched the lives of millions. Celebrities too, several of whom had met the man, were united in their praise of Mandela, paying tribute though Twitter.!/sharonstone/status/408728866476134401!/MrChuckD/status/408728531355435008!/MrChuckD/status/408727757036597248!/moonfrye/status/408728670069473280!/David_Boreanaz/status/408728559516016640!/stephenfry/status/408727866445414400 […]


‘Exclusive’: Photo of Obama’s future tribute to Nelson Mandela revealed

, ,!/AiPolitics/status/410463475576492032 Heh. As Twitchy readers know, blogger and author John Hayward predicted that the narcissist in chief will honor the one year anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death with a photo of himself looking at the funeral selfie he took at Mandela’s memorial. That prediction was brilliant in and of itself. However, now comes further genius […]


Al Sharpton: GOP worse than apartheid supporters; Chris Matthews agrees [video]

, , , , , , , ,

What a rolling embarrassment. The president sat down with this lunatic. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) December 6, 2013 Indeed he did. As Twitchy reported the president “came amongst” Tingles Matthews yesterday in a Very Special Interview. But while yesterday’s shenanigans sparked plenty of mockery, today’s should lead to outright disgust. Appearing this morning on “Now With […]


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