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Donald Trump likens Ted Cruz to a ‘soft, weak little baby’

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Headlining a Democratic fundraiser followingCNBC’sGOP debate, President Barack “Red Line” Obama tried to score some points against the Republican candidates by joking that if they couldn’t handle a handfulof biased debate moderators, “I dont think the Chinese and the Russians are gonna be too worried.” Iran and North Korea certainly aren’t, both having recently conducted […]


Nevada gives up on state Obamacare exchange, wants ‘federal grants’ for fixes

, , ,!/justkarl/status/468834949617815553 Heh. For just a “local” story, this one sure has some pretty disastrous national implications. Nevada, like Oregon, has decided to drop its own state-run Obamacare exchange in favor of Because great success!!/sarahkliff/status/468833877474422784 But throwing in the towel doesn’t come cheap:!/twilabrase/status/468834812267364353 From the Las Vegas Review-Journal: The board of the Silver State Health […]


How This Store Set Up Their Mannequin Display Will Give You Nightmares

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Is it just me, or are mannequins just a little bit freaky? While I don’t think it’s the only reason I do my clothes shopping online, it’s certainly a factor. I don’t have to deal with faceless, demonic mannequins when I’m on Amazon. Anyway, while using mannequins is creepy in and […]


Hillary Clinton looks out Nevada window, sees climate change

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As Twitchy noted, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned today in Henderson, Nev., under the watchful eye of the Secret Service. The most recent scintillating Saturday-night Democrat debate proved that primary opponent Bernie Sanders intends to own the issue of climate change, declaring that climate change is “directly related to the growth of terrorism.” There’s little […]


Beagles Rescued From A Lab Feel Grass For The Very First Time. It’ll Bring A Tear To Your Eye.

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When most people think of lab animals, they don’t often think of dogs. Sadly though, animal testing on dogs in the United States is a common practice. Companies regularly test a variety of products on dogs including pharmaceuticals, household products, and cosmetics. The most popular breed of dog for testing are beagles. This is because of their […]


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