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‘Racist dogwhistle?’ City of New York tweets ‘candle safety’ advice for Kwanzaa revelers

, , , ,!/CatsPolitics/status/416248472091000832 Today’s the first day of Kwanzaa, and the City of New York decided to remind local revelers about the importance of practicing safe candle: The tweet’s been deleted, but we’re still feeling its burn.!/redsteeze/status/416252074678968321 Here’s what @nycgov had to say about other wintertime holidays where candles could make an appearance:!/nycgov/status/415505147079700480!/nycgov/status/415822183991369728!/nycgov/status/415859749549510656 […]


Bored At Night? Why Not Pay A Visit To This Creepy Abandoned School House…

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Nowadays, exploring abandoned buildings can be considered more of an art form than a dangerous hobby. While, of course, urban exploration has its risks, those risks can be completely worth it…especially when the result means coming face-to-face with forgotten parts of history. Take, for example, this old one-room school house that a pair of urban […]


New York Times issues multiple corrections for single story

, ,!/SohrabAhmari/status/418873419422130176 We know there are people such as Eleanor Holmes Norton who believe the New York Times’ reporting to be both objective and factually ironclad, but occasionally we’re given reasons to be skeptical:!/Yair_Rosenberg/status/418872663088447488 Didn’t know the Sinai Desert was part of Egypt? Nice:!/SethAMandel/status/418874123235123200 At least the massive correction didn’t claim all those errors […]


NYT editor on 2016: ‘Let me be clear, we have not chosen Mrs. Clinton’

, , , , , ,!/BDJonesInCO/status/417768733130510336 New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal wants it known that the paper hasn’t yet endorsed any candidate in the 2016 presidential race … not even Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto doesn’t seem convinced.!/jamestaranto/status/417808701047578625 Let him be clear: Rosenthal didn’t know anything about the Times’ piece on Benghazi […]


When You See What He Pulls Out Of The Wall, You’ll Wish You Had One

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Anyone who’s ever lived in New York City can tell you that space is at a premium. With sky-high rent and decreasing square footage, the cost of living in New York is among the highest in the world. That’s why the work of masterminds like Graham Hill should come as no surprise. With some seriously […]


This Graphic Designer Offers Her Services To Restaurants In Exchange For A Meal.

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New York-based graphic designer Lauren Hom noticed something around her neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn: the restaurants needed help. Not in the busboy or wait staff department, but with their boring specials signs. Hom explains, “I noticed that it’s common for a restaurant to have a menu board that’s written by, like, a hung-over hostess.” She doesn’t […]


Truth-boom! Hey, Cuomo: How many ‘extremists’ must stay out of NY now? [pic]

, , , , , ,!/winstoncoolidge/status/426034985267511296 Hmm. Funny that.!/YossiGestetner/status/426023762811953152 The lapdog media is far too busy to worry about pesky truth, what with all that ignoring of the March For Life today. Twitter users were buzzing over various polls today that indicate Americans are trending more and more pro-life, contrary to what the Wendy Davis worshipping media would have […]


This Powerful Ad Will Make You Think Seriously About Becoming An Organ Donor.

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The animated short film Long Live New York aims to ignite a movement in New York. It hopes to inspire New Yorkers to step up and help their fellow man by signing up as organ donors. The 90 second animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz (Mr. Hublot, 2014). It is the centerpiece […]


Random People In New York Are Asked To Sing A Song And…Wow, They Do!

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Who said New Yorkers are jaded? In anticipation of the release of the upcoming Annie movie, Columbia Pictures has unveiled this fun viral video. It shows random New Yorkers put their own spin on “Tomorrow”, a song from the musical. Most of them did really well, but do you think you can do better? Record your […]


Happy Guy Goes Around High Fiving New Yorkers Trying To Hail A Taxi. SO Awesome.

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Everyone loves high fives, right? Even if they are a little dorky, they never fail to put a big smile on someone’s face. At least that is what actor and filmmaker Meir Kalmanson believes, and we completely agree! Kalmanson went around high fiving complete strangers to spread a bit of joy and brighten up the day […]


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