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We agree this is one of the best reasons to watch an Obama speech

, , ,!/PunditReview/status/509792365188755456 Heh. As Twitchy readers know, President Obama will address the nation tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT.!/rwwishart/status/509820956018499585 What else will he say? While it will likely be his usual mix of absurdity and platitudes, here is a good reason to watch:!/liars_never_win/status/509816268451749888 So there’s that, guys!!/Patriot_Dreams/status/509817281874894848 And we will help. Because we are […]


Pres. Do-Nothing says nothing in Syria statement; Was this the reason?

, ,!/lilwolf30/status/514424044360564736 Nope. Well, the glowing ears AND the halo. But that’s about it. So I gather that Obama said pretty much nothing. — Carla Bond (@carlabond) September 23, 2014 So Obama just said nothing — AKahn (@akahnnyc) September 23, 2014 Well obama just said nothing we didn't already know #syria — bechamilton (@bechamilton) September 23, […]


Did hell just freeze over? Nick Kristof has harsh words for ‘No Strategy’ Obama

, , ,!/SteveKrak/status/505093033772453888 Nick Kristof loves him some Obama. But today? Not so much:!/NickKristof/status/505093343190462465 Daaaaaaang.!/NickKristof/status/505094651473588224 Whoops. *** Related: Strategy? What strategy? Behold ‘the Obama Doctrine in one sentence’ ‘The Bear Is Molting’? Obama’s suit leaves public ‘perplexed’ [photos] Let him be clear: White House follows up on president’s ‘no strategy’ remark Twitchy coverage of Nick Kristof Read more: […]


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