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We agree this is one of the best reasons to watch an Obama speech

, , ,!/PunditReview/status/509792365188755456 Heh. As Twitchy readers know, President Obama will address the nation tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT.!/rwwishart/status/509820956018499585 What else will he say? While it will likely be his usual mix of absurdity and platitudes, here is a good reason to watch:!/liars_never_win/status/509816268451749888 So there’s that, guys!!/Patriot_Dreams/status/509817281874894848 And we will help. Because we are […]


So. What was up with Obama’s glowing ears during Syria speech? [photo]

, , , ,!/exjon/status/514417834794160129 So, the president gave a “speech” on the Syria airstrikes Tuesday morning. Then this happened. Backlit ears aren't a good look. — jon gabriel (@exjon) September 23, 2014 Lol the sun shines through his ears. #Obama — N.O. Brains (@nobrains00) September 23, 2014 I just love the way his cute little ears glow bright […]


Did president snub Kathleen Sebelius during Rose Garden speech?

, , ,!/katiezez/status/451096374546026497 Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made the rounds of the Rose Garden Tuesday afternoon, giving hug after hug as the audience gathered for President Obama’s Obamacare victory lap.!/SEIU/status/451094991612293120 However, many found it strange that Sebelius didn’t receive a “shout-out” from the president during his remarks, while Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin […]


‘Shocking!’ Jay Carney takes his ‘revolving door’ clown show to CNN

, , , , , , ,!/lion000/status/509697773034536960 At the end of May, President Obama said goodbye to outgoing Press Secretary Jay Carney. There was subsequent speculation about Jay Carney’s next job, but was there ever any doubt that he’d end up back in the mainstream media? Fmr WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: “I’m thrilled to be joining CNN at a time […]


Biggest joke of all at #WHCD: Kathleen Sebelius makes cameo

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Obama just brought @Sebelius on stage to "fix" his "broken" video — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) May 4, 2014 President Obama and disgraced former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius actually think their job-killing, innovation-undermining, market-distorting, website-choking, insurance-sabotaging Obamacare failure is funny. Obama brings Kathleen Sebelius onto the stage to fix his video problem. #awkward #payoff #whcd […]


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