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George H.W. Bush statue unveiled to mark 25th anniversary

, ,!/BrazosValOnline/status/452301784581562368 To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his presidency, organizers unveiled a statue of George H.W. Bush at the George Bush Presidential Library Center in College Park, Texas.!/OKnox/status/452260359135436801!/SassyShereeSkin/status/452259809719750656!/LexiFoxNews/status/452254720283791362 The Eagle reports that Bush sported a special pair of “41” socks made just for the occasion.!/OKnox/status/452490174895644672 Read more:


White House opens Obama/Biden lunch to still photographers

, , , , ,!/KellyO/status/420725764037042176 Don’t get too excited, but the White House has decided to allow still photographs of tomorrow’s weekly lunch between President Obama and Vice President Biden.!/markknoller/status/420718397442121729 This is a rare move by the White House, which has certainly been less than transparent. Could it have something to do with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ […]


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