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These Stuffed Animals Might Look Funny, But What They’re Doing For Kids Is Amazing

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When we were little, our stuffed animals served as fluffy confidantes. They sat with us at our tea parties, they stayed close at night to fend off bad dreams, and they comforted us when we were sick. What they didn’t typically do, however, is teach us important lessons that would ultimately stick with us for […]


This Powerful Ad Will Make You Think Seriously About Becoming An Organ Donor.

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The animated short film Long Live New York aims to ignite a movement in New York. It hopes to inspire New Yorkers to step up and help their fellow man by signing up as organ donors. The 90 second animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz (Mr. Hublot, 2014). It is the centerpiece […]


Little Girls’ Sign Goes Viral And Inspires A Total Stranger To Donate A Kidney To Their Father.

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Raleigh Callaway, a 49 year-old police officer from Greensboro, Georgia, is battling kidney failure.  He was in dire need of a transplant, according to USA Today. In an attempt to find a donor, the family posed for a photo with a sign his daughters had made that read, “Our daddy needs a kidney!”. They posted the […]


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