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What She Does With A Wooden Pallet Makes Organizing Your Garage A Cinch

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Even if you’re not big on the idea of spring cleaning, you can probably appreciate the satisfaction that comes when you walk into a spotless space. And if you’re like most Americans, your garage is hardly the most organized space in your home. It’s okay to admit it…we’re all friends here! If you’ve neglected your […]


26 Perfect Ways To Kick The Clutter Messing Up Your Life To The Curb.

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It might start with one small, stray item strewn on your desk or any convenient flat surface. Before you know it, you’ve created full-on clutter chaos. Lots of little things turn into one big mess in no time at all. But there’s a light at the end of the unorganized avalanche, and the solutions aren’t […]


Instead Of Euthanizing Unwanted Cats, This Shelter Is Giving Them A New Purpose

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Despite the work of tens of thousands of animal shelters and even more volunteers around the country, nearly 3 million companion animals are euthanized each year. More than half of them are cats. To combat this, SpokAnimal struck up a program with the goal of giving unwanted cats a second chance. So how do they […]


There’s Actually A Right Way To Fold Socks…And This Is How You Do It!

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I have a confession to make: my sock drawer is essentially a war zone. There are tattered casualties of rough wash-and-dry cycles and soldiers without partners backing them up…it’s just a mess. To add to the chaos, I never bother folding socks because any manner just seems to make them look messier. But that all […]


Egyptian Court Declares Hamas A Terrorist Organization

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The court ruled Hamas has “committed acts of sabotage, assassinations, and the killing of innocent civilians,” according to state media. An Egyptian Court declared the Palestinian group Hamas a terrorist organization on Saturday, according to a report from state media. View this image › In this Dec. 14, 2014 file photo, masked Palestinian Hamas gunmen […]


A Mommy Dog And Her Babies Were Dying In The Desert. Get Ready For This… Because It’s Amazing.

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If you don’t know Eldad by now, you probably don’t spend much time on the Internet. He’s the man behind so many unbelievable dog rescues… and I’m pretty sure he just outdid himself. This military style rescue mission took Eldad three days, driving more than 1,000 miles and an unyielding willpower to save four dogs […]


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