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Devon Still raising spirits of cancer patients and survivors [pics]

,!/UKAlli13/status/519651293443284992 Twitchy has been reporting on Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals and his daughter’s fight against cancer. Patriots pay tribute to Bengals’ Devon Still and daughter fighting cancer [pics, Vine] NFL: Bengals re-sign Devon Still to help pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment Still has taken advantage of his football notoriety in order to rally cancer […]


‘KKK’ trends as rumors spread of group assembling near Ferguson, Mo.

, , ,!/JamilahLemieux/status/499313918381395968 First there was a bogus report of a column of tanks rolling into Ferguson, Mo. Today “The KKK” began trending on Twitter briefly after rumors spread that the white supremacist hate group had assembled in Clayton, Mo.!/MARKALEX4/status/499321511275413505!/alovedlife/status/499318858571067394!/MzBadBrittany/status/499317363230404608!/morrgssss/status/499324310989721600!/fractalfeline/status/499322881180827648 It didn’t take long to uncover that the photo was not current […]


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