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Pilot Fakes In-Flight Emergency In Order To Pull Off An Epic Proposal

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One pilot decided to take unusual marriage proposals to new heights when he faked an in-flight emergency before asking his girlfriend to marry him. With the help of a dash-mounted GoPro, the man captured the moment he told his girlfriend the flight controls had failed. Asking his (surprisingly calm) partner to read out a series […]


This Bizarre-Looking Object Was Spotted Hovering Over London…So Weird

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Most people never think about it, but flying is the best time to be on the lookout for UFOs. Of course, a lot of the time you don’t see anything unusual, but every once in a while, you spot something that shouldn’t be there. That’s what happened to one passenger aboard a commercial flight over […]


This Would Give Me A Heart Attack! Just Keep Your Eye On That Guy Sunbathing…

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This incredible video shows the moment a little plane coming in for a landing comes within inches of landing on a man sunbathing on a beach in Germany. In fact the plane came so close that it probably shaved off the man’s back hairs. A 52-year-old amateur pilot and an engineer named Juergen Drucker admitted […]


What These Passengers Saw Outside Their Plane Window Would Terrify Me Forever.

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If you have a fear of flying and want to be able to fly again in the future, you might want to stop reading here. For everyone’s worst nightmare became a reality for passengers on board a flight from London, UK to Florence, Italy last week. Their aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing […]


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