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Judging From These Satellite Photos, Something Creepy Is Happening On Mars…

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Even though Mars is one of our closest neighbors, it’s still a planet full of mysteries. We’ve deployed plenty of robots and satellites to study the Martian surface and piece together the history of the great Red Planet. Some research points to a past as one of a lush, possibly green paradise. Still, that doesn’t […]


They Were Filming An Iguana When This Craziness Happened…What The Hell?

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The “Planet Earth” filming crew was recently shooting footage of hatchling marine iguanas when they got a terrifying surprise. Although snakes are known to eat iguanas, they typically hunt for their prey alone. It’s part of their nature that we all take for granted. Slippery, sneaky loners…that’s how I’ve always thought of snakes, until I […]


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