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‘All hell broke loose:’ Ferguson protesters arrested after melee with cops

, , , , , , , , ,!/kodacohen/status/515356043426414592 If it’s a day that ends in “Y,” it’s another day for Ferguson rabble-rousers to gather in front of the police station, yell, block traffic, and get arrested. All in a day’s work. Or whatever it’s called. @STLAbuBadu arrested in front of #Ferguson police department. — Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) September 26, 2014 #Ferguson […]


#Justice4Jamar protests grow; Cops say Clark went for gun

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As Twitchy reported, the Minneapolis chapter of #BlackLivesMatter on Monday night blocked I-94 during rush hour to demand #Justice4Jamar. Police were responding to an assault call Sunday when Jamar Clarkwas shot, they say, adding that Clarkinterfered with emergency responders trying to assist the victim. Some “witnesses”(we enclose that word in quotes due to the questionable […]


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