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Alec Baldwin: ‘Report of disorderly conduct is a distortion’ by police

, , , , ,!/macjaeh/status/466396268458434560 As Twitchy reported, Alec Baldwin unloaded on the “mismanaged carnival of stupidity” that is New York City after he was arrested for riding his bicycle the wrong direction earlier today. Baldwin just wants the world to know that the police who arrested him were lying when they cited him for disorderly conduct.!/ABFalecbaldwin/status/466396001335795712 If you […]


‘#PrayForMoncton’: Gunman kills three officers in New Brunswick, Canada

, , , ,!/adamwoynarski/status/474390477349736448 A man reportedly armed with multiple weapons has killed three police officers and wounded two others in Moncton, New Brunswick.!/cnnbrk/status/474370702385373184 The shooter remains at large and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are advising those in the city what to do:!/RCMPNB/status/474386868344471552 Here are photos of the alleged gunman:!/1310NewsDay/status/474377063399718913 #Moncton friends stay safe… […]


Horrible: Three shot and killed by pair of shooters in Las Vegas

, ,!/CastelanTV/status/475744782028140544 In Las Vegas, two people reportedly shot and killed two police officers and one other person before taking their own lives. KLAS-TV reports: According to police, a man and woman walked into a Cici Pizza restaurant at 309 North Nellis and appeared to target two Metro officers who were eating at the restaurant. One […]


An Injured Delivery Boy Is Given Help From A Couple Of Kind Police Officers. Aw!

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“To protect and serve in 30 minutes or less” should become the Portland Police Bureau’s official motto from now on. Two Portland police officers proved they’re more than willing to serve the citizens of their city…and in almost any situation. When the officers discovered that a Pizza Hut driver was injured in a car crash, they took […]


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